BEST Aalborg

BEST Aalborg is a Student Organization at Aalborg University for students at the TECH, ENG and SUND faculty.
You can check out some of the things we do by scrolling down or you can read more BEST Aalborg on out ABOUT US page.
All of our work is voluntary and non-profit.

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BEST Courses

Four times a year we make it possible for AAU students to apply for going to BEST Courses all over Europe.
A BEST course typically last 10 days and consists of a mix of academical, cultural and social activities that will make it an event you will never forget.
The price for going to a BEST Course is a maximum of 55 euros which includes food, accommodation and all social activities.

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European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) is an engineering competition by the BEST network.
It features a pyramid structure where the winners of a local competition e.g. an EBEC in Aalborg will advance to a regional round, which winners will then advance to the final round.
You can keep yourself up to date about the next local round in Aalborg by following out facebook page!

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KMB Career Day

Once a year BEST Aalborg organizes a career day for the students at the Department of Chemistry and Bioscience.
If you are a student at an education under this department then you should definitely attend this event to hear about your future career opportunities.
You can keep yourself up to date about the next KMB Career day by following our facebook page!

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