European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) is an engineering competition organized by students for students. There are local rounds of EBEC at more than 80 universities all over Europe, where students use their technical skills to fulfil a specific task or case.

Students will compete in groups of four in one of two competition categories: Team Design and Case Study.

Team Design 

In Team Design students are given a limited amount of materials to design and construct a contraption, which can solve the given task. This has to be done within a limited amount of time, so it requires teamwork and creativity.

The team that solves the problem in the most optimal and creative way wins.

Case Study

Case Study is a theoretical challenge from a real problem in a company. Within a limited time, the students will come up with some solutions and present them to a panel of judges. This demands teamwork, thinking outside the box and good presentation skills.

The team that comes up with the most optimal and rational solution wins.