About Us

BEST Aalborg is a student organization at Aalborg University for students at the faculties of TECH, ENG and SUND. We are a part of the European student network Board of European Students of Technology (BEST), and we have about 90 sister groups at other universities around Europe. You can check out the map below to see where we have other BEST groups.

We host a lot of events each year, most of which you can read about on the other tabs of this page. Apart from those events, we usually have two “Motivational Weekends” where the entire group goes to a cabin for a weekend together. Two times a year we also send about 5 of our members to BEST group to represent us at what we call a “Regional Meeting”. We also host frequent social events for our members, and attend local events such as Aalborg Carnival together.

Meet our current members

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