BC’20 Survival guide

Going to a foreign country can be scary – but don’t worry, the organizers of this course have made a guide for you! This guide will give you answers to all your questions: How to get to Aalborg, what Denmark is like as a country, what you need to bring – and so much more. Read it through and get excited about your trip!

If you have any questions about the course or if you want to ask random questions, please don’t hesitate to message us.

Main organizer(s)
Josephine Bach Sloth
E-mail.: josephine.bach.sloth@BEST.eu.org

Helene Weper Jensen
Mail.: helene.weper.jensen@BEST.eu.org

Social and Participants Responsible:
Anders Knop Madsen
Mail.: anders.knop.madsen@BEST.eu.org