BEST Aalborg

BEST Aalborg is a local BEST group located at Aalborg University (AAU). BEST Aalborg is a part of the BEST network and our members organize both local and external events for other technology students. Through BEST Aalborg it is possible for all students at AAU to attend BEST events all over Europe.

We are currently 25 active members from various studies; everything from biotechnology and environmental science to mechanical engineering, physics and nanotechnology. Through our work in BEST, we develop our skills within promotion, fundraising, project management, leadership and strategic planning.

But BEST is not just hard work: By being a member of BEST Aalborg you will almost have endless opportunities to travel to other BEST groups and you will form so many friendships with other European students.

If you want to read more about being a member of BEST, you can go here, or you can go to one of our info nights. You can also follow us on our Facebook page to get the latest news about our upcoming events and activities.