BEST stands for Board of European Students of Technology and is an international, non-profit student organization. BEST provides a network among students from 96 universities in 34 countries. This is a map of Europe and every dot is a university with a BEST group. 

BEST’s goal is to empower diversity and develop students. And to achieve this BEST offers complementary education, career support, and exchange possibilities.

This means in practice that BEST organizes events where students can learn new skills and gain knowledge, experience other cultures and build an international network.

These events could be BEST courses, which are offered four times a year, or European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) which is held every year with both local, regional and a final round.

You can read more about BEST at, where you also can see the list of BEST courses for the coming season. If you want to read more about the local BEST group located in Aalborg, you can go here.