Courses in Aalborg

At Aalborg University we usually work in teams of four to six students where you work with a concrete project that spans across an entire semester. This ensures different approaches and perspectives on the issue, while you learn to discuss, make compromises and cooperate with other students. This method is very similar to the way most companies work today and thus provide valuable qualities and skills to the students of Aalborg University. Here you can find more information about the problem-based learning model.

At our courses organized by BEST Aalborg, you will be introduced to the problem-based learning model, which Aalborg University is well-known for. It is a unique way for students to work on problems from the real world and a great way to put theory into practice.

The goal of the Aalborg model is for you and your group to acquire knowledge and skill by teaching and learning from each other.

You can read more about group work here