Course 2019

Are you ready for an Aalborgsome time and tick off one the cities on NY times ‘52 places to go in 2019’? Then you should totally apply to come to “Are you ready to r’IoT’?” in Aalborg!

During the academic part of this course on IoT (Internet of Things) prototyping, you are introduced to the IoT world. This involves building a hardware prototype for collecting your desired data and learning more about IoT platforms, which you will use to store your IoT data and to construct simple software functionality on top to analyse and create value from the data.

The course is project oriented. In other words, you will be spending most of your time building your IoT application with a few lectures that provide the background you will need to complete your development.

During the social part of the summer course, you will be introduced to the secrets of why Danes are some of the happiest people in the world (hint, it might have something to do with hygge), our delicious food, and maybe learn a secret or two about our love for Pandas.

Don’t miss out on your chance to enjoy 11 amazing days in the ‘Paris of the North’ and get to know our wild Viking party heritage and funny language.

Don’t be shy, just apply!

And stay PANDA!


Survival Guide

CV’s, Syllabus & Pre-materials