Why join us?

Self Development
We provide engineering students with workshops and training sessions targeted to improve soft and hard skills. Which will be handy not only throughout your studies, but also in your future carrier.

Soft skills: Presentation, communications, persuasive, negotiation, organizing events and much more
Hard skills: Graphic design, fundraising, IT, social media management, planning logistic, organizing events


BEST has a lot of opportunities to travel throughout Europe with your (new) friends.
BEST organizes many international events such as our regional meetings where we in BEST Aalborg meet with other nearby BEST groups. Two times a year, BEST also organizes a general assembly where delegates from every BEST group gather and make decisions on the future of our organization.

Last but not least we have leisure events focused solely on the sharing our cultures and having fun with other students of European.

BEST Aalborg is a community of students from different studies and different nationalities. BEST unites people who want to meet new people, experience other cultures and develop themselves on the way. BEST is the place you find friends you won’t find anywhere else.

An example is our motivational weekend where we rent a cottage and spend the days of the weekend doing working groups and team building exercises, and then in the evening we just socializing by having fun parties.

Going on canoe trip and meeting up in the evening to cook and eat food

BEST give you a lot of options for networking with people from all round Europe, especially when you are done studying, because of our large alumni network which as an example sends out email with Master/PhD/Job opportunities.

As  an international organization, we do all our communications in English which is good opportunity practice and improve your English skills.